Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Into Beyond

I haven't been updating this blog in a while. Mainly because i was writing journal entries on the Ludum Dare page for progress. So if you're curious what happened the last month, you can head over there and see for yourself, or read this small recap:

The Ludum Dare October Challenge got me quite pumped about my project Into Beyond (formerly titled Space Hunter). I've been busy solving some technical challenges within the engine, and implementing new gameplay features to get a solid proof of concept up and running.

Here are the latest updates:

This is the latest gameplay video i uploaded, showing some basic gameplay. It is already out of date, but my current pc-situation won't allow me to record videos with fraps.

This is a more technical demonstration on how shaders can be edited and recompiled ingame, which is a big help when finetuning them.

So that's mostly what happened last month.
I will now keep updating this blog in favor of the Ludum Dare journal as the challenge is over.

1 comment:

  1. Lexusjjss - GPWikiJanuary 3, 2012 at 9:13 PM

    So you want feedback? I can do that:

    1. The basic game concept, orbiting a planet shooting, is absolutely superb. It hasn't been done for a while, which gives it a unique taste.

    2. Don't worry about how pretty it is right now, just make it functional. Very basic clouds/ground effects are good enough for now.

    3. Just get a tech demo out there. I'm one of those guys who only buys a product if they have some minimum level of playable progress.

    4. Keep working on it. You have a very good idea (orbiting shmup), that hasn't been done in full scale since the 90's.

    5. Please keep working on it.

    6. If you keep working on it, I will eventually pay you =D

    7. Don't give up, keep working on it.

    -Lexusjjss (GPWiki)