My name is Stefan Schwarzien and I live in Hannover/Germany. I am gaming for 20 years and programming for around 10, earlier in C++ and nowadays mostly in C#.

I love creating. I enjoy drawing illustrations and composing music, I like handcrafting and building things, constructing and designing furniture, contraptions and other intricate things.

When programming, I like to venture into areas I haven't been into before, always striving for more knowledge and possibly untapped potential in gameplay mechanics or otherwise interesting concepts and ideas. I've been experimenting with inverse kinematics, spring mechanics, modern rendering methods, large scale cellular automata, 2d pixel based lighting algorithms and several prototypes for gameplay ideas.

All of my late programming attempts are written in C# and OpenGL using my own game rendering and management framework i've been building and improving for 2 years now.

(apologies for the lack of a decent contact form, please use the means below for now)


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