Sunday, June 24, 2012

Game over for Redwater games

I decided to make a step forward, and in order to do so i am taking this blog out of business.

Let me quickly explain: I never released something that would be worth putting a label on and i kinda got tired of it. That's why i will abandon that name for the sake of making new stuff, and not concentrating on appearing all professional and shit.

Also i don't quite like the blogger software, so i'm moving all my stuff over to another place:

I think a forum fits my needs more than a blog does, so i got myself some webspace and set one up.

I'll register a domain soon so it will be easily accessable ( ^ i'm not expecting you to remember that link).

This blog will keep existing though. For history \o/

For further updates and information on the status of the new place you can of course visit it directly or follow me on twitter:

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