Sunday, March 11, 2012

First week of Astronaught funding passed.

Ok, so it's not exactly one week, but i'd like to make these updates on Sundays.
The campaign has been running since Tuesday, so let me post some info on how it went so far.

Let's start with the Youtube video. It got around 1300 views since then. This is rather amazing, and the highest view count i achieved to get ever in a Youtube video. The analytics on it are interesting to analyze:
The spanish game portal covered Astronaught with a short article which resulted in the biggest source of views (nearly 300). Thanks for covering it anait!
The second biggest source of views(nearly 200) is who first covered my game in a news post, and it seems to origin of all the other (p)reviews on blogs. Thanks Priestman for the great article!
Almost the same amount of views comes from reddit. Thanks @slushy_ to post it there!
The remaining views are spread across several sites, link-portals and of course the 8BitFunding campaign site.

So what else did i do for publicity. I went to different forums i frequent like TIGSource and GPWiki and a few other smaller places. I created a project site on but the news didn't get approved to appear on the front page yet, so the resulting views and feedback are very few.
Lastly i obviously post updates on Twitter and a lot of kind users are retweeting it for more exposure. Thanks a lot guys!

So let's get to the juice!
This weeks earning through the campaign were 65USD by 6 people in total, averaging in around 11USD. This translate to 42EUR after substraction of the 8BitFunding and Paypal fees. Pretty good for a start, but not anywhere close to hit the goal (~0.5%). Judged by the amount of Youtube views (100 / (1300 / 6) = ~0.5%) it extrapolates to the estimation that i need a total of around 300,000 views to get the total amount of funding. Although it obviously doesn't work like that.

While it looks like a good start, it doesn't even get close to the goal given the time and duration (5 out of 56 days).
In the remaining 7 weeks i need to implement and show off more core features the game will include, create new art and get a decent gameplay video up to convince people that it is worth contributing.
You all obviously play a big role in it! The more you can spread this by word of mouth (or typed in that respect) the more likely this game will become realized eventually.

Finally, i want to thank everyone who tweeted, blogged, talked and contributed (!) about it so far. I hope i can do your hopes justice and deliver a great game!

Special thanks fly out to Jourdan Cameron who made a good effort of advertising the campaign on several blogs and forums!
Thanks man, it is much appreciated!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Astronaught went public

Around 3 weeks ago i had a blurry recollection of something that might have been a dream after waking up. The image in my head was a little pixel astronaught running around in a space station. I am not actually sure why i dream in 8bit, but i sure liked the impression.
I started drafting first sketches of the character and a walking and jumping animation. The day after i started a mapeditor with some placeholder tiles and basic box2d collisions.
The coming days i improved on each the tileset, the mapeditor and the game mechanics and went ahead to build the lighting shader. For now it is simply raycasting with a fall-off value to get some nice light rays. So this is the current state development in a nutshell.

So yesterday i started the 8BitFunding campaign and  got a really nice review over at the Indie Game Mag. I will dedicate the next few days on some more promotion of the campaign before i can concentrate on the project again. More info on future plans will also follow in the coming days.