Thursday, March 8, 2012

Astronaught went public

Around 3 weeks ago i had a blurry recollection of something that might have been a dream after waking up. The image in my head was a little pixel astronaught running around in a space station. I am not actually sure why i dream in 8bit, but i sure liked the impression.
I started drafting first sketches of the character and a walking and jumping animation. The day after i started a mapeditor with some placeholder tiles and basic box2d collisions.
The coming days i improved on each the tileset, the mapeditor and the game mechanics and went ahead to build the lighting shader. For now it is simply raycasting with a fall-off value to get some nice light rays. So this is the current state development in a nutshell.

So yesterday i started the 8BitFunding campaign and  got a really nice review over at the Indie Game Mag. I will dedicate the next few days on some more promotion of the campaign before i can concentrate on the project again. More info on future plans will also follow in the coming days.

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