Monday, November 14, 2011

Into Beyond goes live on

So, today Into Beyond (v. Aries) got approved and published on I'm really excited about this, as this will be either the rise or fall of this project. So far the news is being spread pretty slow. But with a preview like that, what can i expect.

I very well realize that the current project doesn't look too promising, or graphically appealing. I could change this, i could beautify it to some degree, but it would be a big amount of work for me, which needs to be redone by a decent artist at some point anyways. I don't have a definite art direction, so every assets i would come up with, regardless of how good they might look, would be for naught if they didn't fit the concept.

For that purpose i will for now keep it pretty much at placeholder graphics, and only make minor tweaks on them in the spare time.
To be honest, it bothers me. A lot. This game is fucking ugly currently, and i'd like it to have a visually pleasing design, but right now it can't be helped.

Instead, i will concentrate on what i can do, and what i know won't go to waste: gameplay. It is, after all, the most important aspect of a game.
So what you can expect in the next version (v. Betelgeuse) is improvements on the ships controls, mission objectives and content, like enemy types, weapons, inventory and a shop system.
The version is due at the December, 31st, same as the 8bit funding deadline.

The continued progression of Into Beyond after that is very heavily dependant on how well the funding turns out, so if you like to see a new shmup, with a classical touch but modern design, head over there, press the big yellow Fund button.

Feedback is very much appreciated and love is given to all of you <3


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  1. <3 neat man. doing what I can to spread the news. And need to get me some paypal balance asap :P