Monday, August 15, 2011

LameR beta 0.9 release

LameR is a GUI for utilizing the LAME encoder for quick and easy access. It is lightweight and portable (though it needs to be set up for shell extensions). It features the most basic settings you need to convert wave files to mp3 format.

It is pretty much feature complete and working, but only tested on my own machine. So if you encounter any obstacles, let me know in the comments.

Latest artist, title, and bit rate are saved in a config file for quick re-encodings.

Having the LAME binaries is mandatory to use the LameR.

Place the LameR.exe in the same folder as the lame.exe. (not necessary if you downloaded the bundled version)
Execute LameR.exe and press install. This will setup the Shell extensions in the registry.

Double-click a .wav file to open LameR.
Enter Artist and Title and press Encode.

Alternatively you can right-click the .wav file and choose Open with, and navigate to LameR.exe to open the program.

You must have the Microsoft .net Framework 2.0 or greater installed to use LameR.

LameR bundled (includes the LAME 3.98.4 binaries and is ready to go)

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