Thursday, August 4, 2011


I just guess that's how life works.
You work on something, you enjoy it, you're looking forward to it.
Then you get distracted, you loose your focus and you get annoyed by it.

In my case it was a shift in priorities. I had to focus on earning money to pay the month's rent, and i resumed to play Minecraft which was a horrible time-waste in itself.

So yeah, now i am stuck with thoughts about what my next step would be. Working on the existing prototype, with no clear goal, or rather thinking up some concrete, fast-to-realize Projects, or even doing something entirely different.

Developing a game is a long journey and no matter how easy it seems in your mind, there will always be some hurdles you haven't anticipated, be it of algorithmical, logical or conceptual origin, or even interventions from the outside. And it doesn't help if you are good at distracting yourself with forms of entertainment, be it games, TV shows, and virtually anything that momentarily seems like a better alternative than being stuck on that one problem that just appeared.

While pondering what to write, and with the hope to come up with a solution to my uncertainty, i went through my different ideas and concepts and thought about how much time and man-power each would take, and how complex the realization would be.

What i think seems most realistic in terms of the most soon'ish implementation is a space shmup. Yeah we have a bunch of those already, i know. But there are people who enjoy those, and are looking forward to more and different kinds of them.
Furthermore it is easy, fast and straightforward to prototype and i can play with a lot of different shader effects. I reckon there is not much to be done in terms of research for technical or logical problems.

I still need to think it through, and sleep over it, talk to people and stuff, but i think that is the best bet i can come up with currently.

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