Friday, May 13, 2011

Changelog 003

I mostly finished the work necessary for porting to OpenGL >3.
The model class got rewritten to use VBO's instead of immediate mode, and the imported collada vertices were changed to fit into the VBO's vertex structure. In retrospect, it was a straight forward process, even though there were some minor hiccups. There is still much to do, converting the actual existing code that is still using deprecated functions, but the worst part is done.

After mog mentioned he wants to code a 2d rotating ribbon effect, i thought about how i would realise it and today i was playing around with the shader realtime editor and built that oldschool 2d ribbon/twister effect, which is common in older demos.

I ended up playing around with the same code in the shadertoy and it ended up in a textured more dynamically moving twister thing (paste to the default Deform shader code and hit the compile button (or Alt-Enter)). You might need to manually enable WebGL in your FireFox about:config or use Chrome.

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