Friday, May 6, 2011

Changelog 002

This week i started out improving the shader editor, so it becomes actually useful. It still lacks some kind of selection of what shader currently is being edited, but i added some visual enhancements like fading the top and bottom code lines, adding a line counter, and error handling and parsing the errorlog to highlight the lines which makes the compilation fail.

Failed compilation with highlight on the errornous code line
Further i added tangent calculation from the texture coordinates for normal mapping and texture mapping on the sphere primitive.

Is this normal?!

Once upon a time in a galaxy far far away
In case you're wondering, theres a julia fractal being animated in the corners.

The rest of the week i was trying to port the engine to the OpenGL 3.3 core specs which includes uploading the modelview and projection matrices, and the actual vertex data to the shader, and stop using immediate mode ( i will miss it! ) for the sake of using Vertex Buffer Objects.

So hopefully i will be done porting most of the code by next week so i can focus on the fun stuff again.

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