Sunday, April 1, 2012

More weeks passed

In the second week Astronaught received a small number of contributions, boosting it up to $167. This results effectively in 110Euro. The following days and weeks didn't bring in any contributions and we're still at that number.

To explain the lack of updates i need to clear something up: I am currently in a difficult situation. I need to get out of my apartment end of this month and find a new one. This implicates to be actually able to pay the rent. Finding a suitable job is not easy either, mainly because i am not sure what i can do. Well, i'm a programmer, i could just get a programming job. The thing is i'm more a creative person than a hard laborer, so working on repetitive and unrewarding tasks is dragging me down both physically and mentally. This is why i chose to be independent. Turns out the term is misleading if you don't have a stable source of income or you're not called Tim Schafer. ;)
Additionally programmer jobs are usually long term and full time day jobs. 2 ways to prevent me from enjoying my personal game development.
So what else could i do? Currently i am clueless.

Regarding gamedev, well, maybe i've been approaching this whole thing from the wrong direction. But i can only learn by doing these mistakes. Overambitious feature-creeped project anyone? Turns out i often cannot settle with games that could effectively be programmed on a computer that is 20 years old. I desire the technical and design challenges my ideas provide me with. While it is entertaining to come up with a solution to a difficult problem it can also aid the learning process and help coming up with solutions for completely different problems. This is what makes game development interesting to me.

So what am i trying to say here? You might have guessed it by now: Astronaught won't be developed.
I want to apologize to everyone who supported and put their faith in me and the game. I received some awesome feedback and i am very glad about all of the comments you made.

Also i want to thank everyone who contributed to the campaign. Your support will help me through this difficult time and i hope i can make up for it with a future project.

Special thanks fly out to Bob Chatman for all his encouragement and his generous contribution.

Sorry i couldn't live up to your expectations.

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